5 Reasons Your “About Us” Page Needs To Be Great

No website page is more important than the About Us page. That’s because a good one can provide all the necessary facts about a company as well as a sales pitch and a call to action — all in one place. But so many amateur website designers forget to include this crucial element or forget to make it great.

When I first returned to writing as a full-time profession, I offered a website review service on Fiverr.com. For $5, I looked over personal or company websites and pointed out errors in content or design. I did hundreds of these. Most of the sites examined had no About Us page, and many others didn’t have a very good one. I helped a lot of my website review clients create better informational pages.

Does your website have an About Us page? It’s a page where you can say whatever you want — and your website visitors are likely to read it. That’s why having this page on every site you own is crucial. And don’t get hung up on the name: it can be called About Our Company, About This Site or simple About (as it is on Fort Worth Copywriter). The important thing is that a good page of relevant content is waiting for visitors who seek it.

Here are five specific reasons your About Us page needs to be improved now:

1. It’s often where people go first. Whether it’s hard to decide what your company does, where it’s located or who’s behind it, the About Us page is where many people go immediately after visiting the home page. So it needs to be very good. Even if your site’s purpose is crystal clear, many people want more information.

2. It’s where customers can get to know you. Is your company a one-person venture or a large corporation? Are the people behind the site friendly, quirky, professional or casual? You can use your About Us page to help potential clients or customers get to know your company culture. This puts them ahead of the game in forming a long-lasting relationship with you.

3. It’s your chance to give your best sales pitch. When people click on an About Us page, they’re asking for more than information. They actually want your best sales pitch. A poorly designed About Us page may contain the basics, but it needs to contain the pitch as well as a call to action. Give people everything they want.

4. It’s a place to get in some extra keywords. It’s true that search engine optimized keywords aren’t as important or as effective as they were in the past because of changes at the search engines, but they’re still important. An About Us page is a great place to put in some additional keyword occurrences and use some phrases you can’t find a place for elsewhere.

5. It’s a way to show completeness and thoroughness. A complete, fully built website helps show that a company is thorough and complete in the way it does business. That helps potential clients and customers feel confident in the company’s ability to make great products or perform services to everyone’s complete satisfaction.

If your website has an incomplete, poorly thought-out or missing About Us page, it’s time to take action and solve this website design problem right away. It’s time to enlist the services of a professional web content writer who can put things right for you.

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