Fort Worth COPYWRITER is the web presence of web content writer Gip Plaster.

My life has always been devoted to writing one thing or another — and every experience so far has prepared me to become one of the Internet’s most talented and widely experienced content writers.

While it sometimes seems like I’m just getting started, I’ve been a professional writer for more than two decades. I meet clients needs every day, and I’d like to help you. How may I serve?

Prepared For The Job

Even before I started college, I was already winning journalism contests and writing for newspapers and magazines. At the University of Texas at Arlington, I honed my journalism skills, expanded by knowledge of marketing, advertising and business and got a degree in communication.

Soon, I was employed in the advertising department of the RadioShack Corporation, but I never stopped freelancing. After three years, I decided that the corporate world wasn’t for me, so I made freelance journalism my full-time career.

When I was in college, some professors seriously thought that writing skills wouldn’t be needed in the future. They thought television and the Internet would kill the need for well-composed text. Today’s modern methods of communication may be killing newspapers and magazines, but the web is desperate for high-quality written material that follows established style rules and reads like a story instead of someone’s scribbled notes.

Ready To Write For You

Today, so many people think they can write. But as you may already be finding out, there are very few talented and experienced writers willing to create web content. That’s probably because the pay is often low, but I’m happy to offer discounted web content writing services. Because I live simply and do the work myself, I don’t have to overcharge you.

While some writers see writing Internet content as beneath them, I see it as crucial to the functioning of today’s businesses. The web is built on well-written content, and there’s too much bad writing clogging up the works. I can help you make sure your site and your advertising materials serve you and don’t contribute to the ever-growing mound of nonsense some people call web copy.

I’m happy to live a modest life near Fort Worth, Texas, surrounded by people and animals who care about me — and surrounded with words too. And I’m happiest when I’m helping people meet their needs and reach their goals with as few hassles as possible.

Learn more about my web content writing on the Portfolio page. Better yet, let me show you what I can do. Contact me with details about your project, then I’ll email back confirming what I can do for you.

And don’t worry, I’ll tell you honestly if I can’t help you.

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Worldwide service.

Unparalleled experience.
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