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I specialize in quick, personalized service for clients like you, no matter where you are in the world. In most cases, we can handle everything by email. That means you don’t have to waste time on in-person meetings, telephone calls or chat sessions.

I offer one-price simplicity for most writing work: just $49 per page.

Fine print: The number of pages available may be limited because I write every page myself. No writing work is outsourced. Offer is valid for blog posts, website content, articles and almost everything else. Payment must be made in advance by PayPal. I provide a maximum of 600 words per page.

Services available include:

Website Content Writing Service

There’s an art to writing compelling website content that provides valuable information while calling users to action. The content I provide is always bright, lively, direct, compelling and focused on benefits. Industry-specific keywords are included when appropriate.

Article Writing Service

Articles require special attention because it’s important to be interesting and accurate while incorporating targeted keywords casually and without disrupting the flow of the text. My web articles writing services are based on my journalistic training, so you get text that’s good enough for a newspaper or magazine.

Blog Writing Service

Blog writing is a bit different from article writing because readers expect a direct connection with a blog post writer. That means the text must be casual and personal while still conveying the message. Search engine optimization keywords may or may not be included. Even for corporate or business blogs, a level of personal connection is required.

Press Release Writing Service

Journalists and editors expect press releases to have a certain format — a format with which I’m very familiar. Trained as a journalist and with a degree in communication, I know how to follow journalist requirements and AP style to create compelling and interesting press releases.

$199 Complete Websites

This offer has its own page, so please visit Complete Website For $199 page for details on how I create and launch your simple and elegant site in a matter of days.

Other Services

I offer a limited array of WordPress services and other writing-related services that aren’t mentioned here. For anything that doesn’t fit within the usual $49 per page pricing, I charge $49 per hour — or contact me to negotiate a rate for your project.

Industry Professionals Discount

I’m pleased to offer a 15 percent discount on all writing services for professional website designers, writers who outsource to me and marketing and public relations professionals. This offer is valid on most services. For industry professionals, pages are available for less than $42, and complete websites are less than $170.

How may I serve you? Bad writing can derail a good project, so please allow me to help you reach the level of excellence your project deserves.

Please contact me now to get started. I’m looking forward to working with you.

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