The problem with being a web content writer is that I can’t take credit for most of my work. Confidentially agreements prohibit me from showing off my best writing, but I have permission to show you some of my writing here.

I hope the links below prove to you that I have the skills and experience to help you succeed online. For more information about exactly what I can do for you, visit the Content for $49 page. Remember, the best way to learn about what I can do is to contact me with details about your needs.

Client Sites

The Eric Parker Network

Eric Parker has a bit of an open secret: I wrote all the content on his Internet marketing websites. Most of the articles target specific keywords for search engine optimization purposes and are intended to get Amazon or other affiliate income and Google Adsense revenue. His sites include:

Clear Your Eyes, about computer vision syndrome and low power reading glasses

Minimalist Living Today, about a simpler way of life

Conspiracy Of Good, about a variety of products and information

Best Beard Ever, about good grooming for a great beard

And others.

My Own Sites

In addition, I created the following sites for my own purposes:

Fort Worth Secrets, a look at obscure things to do in Fort Worth

So Much More Life, a simple living blog

Gip’s Front Yard, a showcase of things that don’t belong anywhere else

BookRescuer.com,  a site about selling used books online

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