What Is A Copywriter?

A copywriter is a kind of writer who specializes in content that announces, promotes and sells products and services. But there’s a bit more to the story than that. What is a copywriter really? And how can one of these specially trained and experienced professional writers help you and your business?

While I often identify myself as a web content writer because that’s a term most people understand, it’s incomplete. I don’t just write for websites, and I certainly don’t write text designed to simply fill up space. I plan and execute all sorts of promotional and non-promotional content, including for brochures, press releases, signs and more.

Sometimes, my work involves promoting a product or service — and sometimes it doesn’t.

This much is certain: writing is my life’s work. It’s what I’m educated to do. It’s what I’m experienced at doing. It’s what I like to do. And it’s what I do everyday.

Attributes Of A Copywriter

So what is a copywriter? The following five attributes are among those that a good web content writer or freelance copywriter for hire must have:

1. Education. A wide and deep educational background is necessary for writing work that’s informed and effective. I have a degree in communication from the University of Texas at Arlington with a minor in business. That means I’ve learned the principles of effective communication as well as the basic principles of marketing, selling and more.

2. Experience. I’ve always been a writer. I started as a journalist and was first published when I was 17 by an alternative newspaper. (That was more than two decades ago!) Today, I publish my own work online, sometimes multiple times every day, and I write web content as well as promotional and informative text for my clients every day too.

3. Passion. I have the same passion for text that a visual artist has for paints, canvas or whatever media he or she uses. I’ve never wanted to be anything but a writer. It isn’t a career I chose because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. And for most of my life, I’ve made my living crafting words.

4. Availability. When I first moved into web content writing, I took a lot of low-paying agency work. But having a lot of work meant needing to work quickly, and speed negatively impacts quality. Today, I work at fair prices for clients who understand the value of paying well for good work. My clients know I’ll always be there for them when they need me.

5. Discretion. Nothing is more important for a writer than discretion. Clients obviously must trust their writers with details of their plans, but there’s more to discretion than that. There’s also discretion within the work. I have to discern what methods and techniques work best in every situation, and that’s something a less experienced writer couldn’t do as effectively.

More About The Fort Worth Copywriter

So who do I work for? And what is a copywriter within the context of my daily life?

Sometimes, I work only for myself, writing blog posts, affiliate website pages and press releases announcing the latest news about my many projects. Much of the time, however, I work for people like you. Some of my clients are individuals who need their non-native English enhanced. Some are small businesses who need web pages written at a price they can afford.

One client is a large worldwide search engine optimization and Internet marketing company that pays me by the piece for the bits of writing they need to complete client websites and promotional projects. Another is a payment processing company that keeps me on retainer for whatever writing comes up, including blog posts, video scripts and more.

Some clients come to me for short-term projects and then disappear from my life as quickly as they came. Others have been with me for years.

All come to me for high-quality writing at affordable prices.

The fact that I work every day as a writer for clients around the world and make a full-time living from it means that I’m meeting client needs.

So what is a copywriter? It’s a writer like me who considers your needs and then writes the text to help you move forward.

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